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Har•dy custom countertops are an affordable alternative to granite, marble and other synthetic materials.  This system is very popular because it provides a strong durable finish at a fraction of the costs of traditional stones. The look is very beautiful and the designs are endless. The system is 2 thin coats of a countertop blend concrete applied directly over your existing laminate, Formica, tile and other substrates or can be built from scratch. Then depending on design, the concrete is stained and bar top epoxy is applied. With vast training and support of many manufacturers and distributors we have over 20 years of artistic and creative “recipes” to choose from. We have many samples to look at to give you some ideas of which look you like, but, rest assured your tops will be a one of a kind, never duplicated countertop!


Har•dy countertops and bar tops are also completely seem less unlike any other option out there. These countertops can be built from scratch and can be nearly any shape you can think of. If you have a pub or restaurant and you’d like a bar that can accommodate the most amount patrons while creatively using the best design for the space, this is the method for you. The top starts with a durable Medex wood board base substrate which is used for ease of countertop or bar top lay out, this product is very dense and strong. Then the concrete countertop blend is applied in 2 thin separate applications to help with giving added strength, durability and added design. Then a commercial grade bar top epoxy is used to give it maximum durability and a beautiful top coat finish worthy of hard work and pride you have put in your home or establishment!

Customer and family health should always be of primary concern to any restaurant or home. Har•dy countertops meet or exceed the Health Code Regulations and LEED Platinum Standards. Bacteria, germs and oils can get embedded in natural stone counter tops. Like anything else that is polished and coated with a finish over time the protective coating is worn away leaving a porous stone substrate. Once exposed, unwanted liquids, grease and germs can enter the pores and fester causing harmful bacteria to cultivate. We at Har•dy appreciate the beauty and elegance of natural stone tops and with the proper maintenance are a safe surface for your family and customers. That said, our counters are less expensive, very beautiful, and have a far less expensive and time consuming maintenance process!count4

Last but not least nothing compliments a counter top like a back splash! Nearly every job we install a tile back splash that accents the tops or a custom built back splash that is of the same look as your counter top can be applied as well. Natural stone back splashes are very popular right now and as they are not part of the surface you prep food on they require no maintenance. If you are in the market to purchase a new countertop or in the process of building a new bar or simply ready to upgrade your existing tops please consider Har•dy! We are happy to give you an estimate and any helpful ideas regarding your project!

We can do all sorts of countertops, and our photos prove it. Check out all of the before and after shots we’ve posted below for an idea of what kinds of countertops we can do for you, whether it’s concrete, epoxy, stone or more we’ve definitely got your counter covered.

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