Chip/Flake Epoxy Floors

Hardy's most popular floor is our chip floors!

These floors are an affordable epoxy and polyaspartic floor covered in decorative flake. These epoxy floors are commonly used on garage floors, basement floors, shop floors, offices and virtually anywhere a seamless concrete floor coating is needed. Our epoxy floors are made to last a lifetime with industrial strength full broadcast of flake over the entire area and at least 2 clear coats of polyaspartic.

Our process:

  • 1. Diamond grind concrete to profile it for proper bonding(most important step)
  • 2. Repair any concrete cracks or pitting
  • 3. Apply basecoat 
  • 4. Broadcast flake 100% through out floor
  • 5. Apply 2 clear coats of Polyaspartic

These attached pics are flake floors, your welcome to go on my facebook and pic out better pics of floors like these if necessary.