Flooring & Glue Removal

Our services:

  • Glue and Mastic Removal
  • Vinyl Tile Removal
  • Ceramic Tile Removal
  • Glued Down Hardwood Removal
  • Carpet Removal
  • Linoleum Removal
Do you have some old flooring that needs to be removed?  Do you have old carpet glue that needs to be scraped off?  Hardy has all the tools needed to complete these projects for you!  Sitting at the top of the equipment list is our National 5700 Ride On Floor Scraper, one of the strongest most efficient machines available. .  
Our services:

⦁    Glue and Mastic Removal
⦁    Vinyl Tile Removal 
⦁    Ceramic Tile Removal
⦁    Glued Down Hardwood Removal
⦁    Carpet Removal
⦁    Linoleum Removal
National 5700 Ride-on Scraper is narrow enough to fit through residential doorways, and has enough torque to make quick work of commercial flooring removal.
Walk-Behind Scrapers: these are going to be much smaller, but there is an advantage: a walk-behind can get into smaller spaces a ride-on simply cannot. Walk-Behind Scrapers are typically powered by a plugged-in cable giving them unlimited runtimes. On average, a walk-behind can remove about 500 sq. ft. per hour.